Man is a spirit whose celestial manifestation is an indestructible soul whereas his physical manifestation is his mortal body.

Science believes matter to be of ‘immortal’ essence – unable to be created or destroyed but able to transform according to its circumstances.

I believe that matter as science understands it is just a speck of the overall complexities of existence in a Multiverse of entwined conspirational fusion between ‘physicality’ (that which can be visually appreciated and empirically proven) and ‘spirituality’ (that which exists only in an astral dimension, mostly defying the logic of man’s limited understanding of how the world works but which nonetheless is as real as the physical).

Thus, we are called human beings: ‘human’ representing our physicality and ‘being’ representing our spirituality. Our soul is our celestial imprint which connects our mortality to our being so our physicality loses its form after it completes its human purpose. To support this, I assert that while purpose is ephemeral, function is eternal. Purpose is the charge of the human which changes over time and function is the charge of the being, seen as a permanent assignment. It is from similar perspectives I believe, that the concepts of immortality and reincarnation were developed. I dare say that they are opposites, in the sense that while immortality occurs where function and purpose coincide, reincarnation occurs when purpose is subsumed under function. However, understand that these concepts are explained in terms of our physical existence alone. In the grand scheme of things, all men are immortal and the soul is the symbol of our immortality.

Based on our belief system, our awareness is mostly limited to our physicality. The search for purpose is basically a question of one’s identity; first to define our existence within the context of our humanness, then to appreciate our divine function as beings in a vast Multiverse. The juxtaposition of one’s true identity based on the realms of the physical and the spiritual I believe is the cause of the identity crisis that many face. The simple reason for this is an abject lack of understanding of the subtlest of verities – that everything is ‘married’ to everything else.

This lack of understanding which is the byproduct of our ‘schooling’ system which surreptitiously instills in us ideas (nay, beliefs) in human limitations, shielding us from the establishment of our greatest potentials as beings, is programmed to ensure a violent divorce of the idea of a ‘universal unity’ of all that is. The result – social classifications in our physical existence based on money (rich, middle-class & poor), conventional knowledge (literate & illiterate), religion (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Traditionalist, etc), regional boundaries (of continents, countries, etc), race (Black, Caucasian, Mongoloid, etc), etc.

Strip away all forms of classification and you come to the undeniable conclusion that all men are made the same; of the same substance and from the same source. Therefore, what truly defines our individuality or identity as it were is outside of our human-form and rests well within the function of our being-form.

To buttress the above assertions, think of the human body – it is a conglomeration of different parts that sum up the ‘body’, each of which has a specific purpose which define their individuality yet they all function collectively at the behest of the whole. As is the human body, so is the Multiverse, of which we are a functional part of, as is everything else that is. Thus, universally speaking, our individuality is defined by our specific function but we all function toward a unified purpose. Ask me about this unified purpose and I will tell you according to the limitations of my understanding of celestial complexities that it is to sustain existence itself.


20 Recurring Lessons From 2017


Lessons Learnt Pre-2018

This time last year I had been lucky to have made it home just a couple of hours before daylight, drenched in shock and some minor aches around my chest and waist region. I had been in an accident just barely an hour into the new year 2017. I felt fortunate and at the same time unlucky.

I felt unlucky for I was so close to home when it all happened. I felt fortunate because it could have been far worse…who knows, I may not have made it to this day to be thinking these thoughts and writing these words.

But I made it somehow…and my most significant loss on that fateful morning were my tears, for they flowed profusely and drained me completely as I drowned in the flashes of how brittle life could be, making everything that erstwhile seemed all important suddenly have no real significance.

I dare say those moments set the pace for my 2017. They trimmed my expectations so early in the year as I let that singular experience cut my dreams short. And so came 2017, and so it went.

In retrospect, I take it to have been a year of multiple experiences laden with invaluable life lessons. These lessons I hope to never forget as life happens. These lessons I wish to share here…

1. Ultimately, YOUR CHOICES will determine the trajectory of your life – so remember why you made them. If your choices change, be reminded why they did.

2. Don’t go where you aren’t wanted, don’t stay when you’re no longer needed.

3. LOOK DOWN ON NO ONE AT ALL, LOOK UP TO NO ONE BUT GOD. Don’t Look Down On Anyone – you aren’t any better than them. Don’t Look Down On Yourself – no one is better than you.

4. COMPETE WITH NO ONE – everyone has their own path to walk. But compete ferociously with yourself – your best version is yet to manifest.

5. BE GOOD TO EVERYONE (without exception) regardless of how they treat you – how you act determines who you are.

6. DREAM ENDLESSLY – nobody dies in their dreams.

7. WORK HARD – there is no substitute for hard work and if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll certainly make you stronger.

8. BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN. Your uniqueness is the reason you will stand out. And why should anyone be comfortable with you if you aren’t comfortable with yourself?




12. Your TIME and your SENSES are your GREATEST ASSETS. Use them judiciously to your advantage or waste them recklessly to your disadvantage.

13. DON’T WORRY ABOUT IMPRESSING OTHERS – it is a futile and wanton endeavor. Create high standards for yourself then seek to impress yourself by reaching them.

14. SET REALISTIC GOALS for yourself and meditate on them daily until they are accomplished.

15. NEVER REST ON YOUR OARS – keep pushing your limits. Success isn’t a destination; it is a path you must continually walk and it’s reward is greatness.


You either Win or Learn. Its never a loss.

16. HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS – the success that you are a part of is a part of you.

17. YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE, good or bad. Let your thoughts of yourself linger between past successes and future aspirations rather than of what failures you’ve endured in the past and the uncertainties of the future.

18. CAUTION YOURSELF BEFORE ANY ACTION OR UTTERANCE – that last minute review may save or bless you a great deal.

19. REFLECT ON YOUR LIFE DAILY. Ensure something in you is better today than it was yesterday.

20. BE THANKFUL everyday and SHOW GRATITUDE to the world for the liberties you are privileged to enjoy.

We needn’t learn strictly from our own experiences. Sometimes its better to learn from the experiences of others — if for nothing else, it will save you time and some grief.

So if someone else learnt a lesson or two here, then I didn’t learn these lessons alone and this post isn’t in vain.

Happy New Year to you and yours! May 2018 afford a fresh start to those who need it, and an enduring streak for those on a roll!!!

Yours truly,

The Pentecostal Tithing Controversy

Suddenly everyone is talking about tithing everywhere on social media. I don’t get it – why is it so important all of a sudden???

I’ll tell you why – its simply because most humans subconsciously refuse to think for themselves once they find anyone who is willing to or would forcefully take up that responsibility for them!

Before Daddy Freeze, everyone that did was comfortable with maintaining status quo. Then suddenly he disrupts the school of thought and there comes a reclassification of folks based on their decision or indecision. We have the confused; those unsure of themselves about what they’ve been doing for years, the advocates; those who will never question the motives of their ‘spiritual leaders’ but will instead defend their integrity with their own reputation, and the antagonists; those who seek to give new perspective to the issue of tithing in particular and the general notion of religious followership through logic and common sense.

I admire the latter the most and it isn’t strictly because I find their line of thought to be sensible but because it takes great courage to break from the bandwagon mentality and actually do some real THINKING.

In my opinion, this issue of tithing is a very personal matter and should be guided strictly by the individual’s (unbiased) faith simply because what we strongly believe is that which is made manifest in our lives. So if you are bound by the spirit of giving, tithing comes naturally even if it exceeds or is less than one-tenth. If tithing is a religious obligation to you then you do it as an imposition and/or you expect to benefit from it.

Interestingly, save for the fixed percentage, the concepts of tithing and offerings are same and shouldn’t be seen differently as far as I am concerned. A man may be moved to give today, but not moved tomorrow. Scripturally, its the former that the Bible encourages.

The fact remains that God doesn’t need your money, but His ministry does and the man who runs the ministry become the treasurer and dispenser at same time. The question that needs answering is that of ownership of the ministry – is it truly God’s Ministry or just the ministry of the ‘man of God’? The answer to this doesn’t need rocket science to decipher: BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM!

Owing to the peculiar way churches are run; the lack of accountability and profligacy in many cases, its no wonder this topic is suddenly sensational. Some may even compare their activities to that of a District tax office generating revenue for governance with the ultimate discretion on how such monies are utilized. Reminds me a lot about the Nigerian system of governance.

What truly worries me is how strongly some ‘men of God’ feel the need to defend tithing as if that is the most important message of Christianity!

Also, why do we hear so much of the material exploits of ‘men of God’ and so little of their charitable works? Isn’t it an epic irony that in preaching charity as a godly trait the church happens to be the largest beneficiary of it. Well, you know what they say, “charity begins at home” – certainly not in the church!

After all is said and done, to each man his own. People should aim for spirituality rather than religiosity. Pay your tithe if you are moved to do so, and if in doubt, don’t…the scripture is crystal clear about giving with a cheerful heart – all else na ‘bear-bear banking’!

Human Nature…

How can I talk about you
Without being judgmental
How can I talk about myself
Without being narcissistic

Sapiens are survivors
So I’ve been told
Its our most fundamental instinct
To first and foremost
Consider self before our very own

So, in living
We become competitors
and in death
We become yardsticks

But even then
Still not a standard
Cos things are a’changing
All day, every day

Toughs get going
As the going toughens
We swim against gentle tides
Fighting our way to the peak of nothing…

But in the end
May all we do be worth all the trouble!


I just watched the video of how the Nigerian Army tried to persuade the Shiites to clear out the road for them to pass through, while ordering the security detail not to shoot. Dialogue was the first resort. Apparently it didn’t work as those hooligans were bent on exercising their supremacy over (even) the Nigerian Military Forces. They obviously thought them to be toothless, unable to discharge their duties. That was where they got it all wrong!

It wasn’t an assassination attempt on the COAS as the Nigerian Army claimed. It was simply a measuring of ‘dick sizes’ between the authority of the Nigerian military and Zakzaky’s Shiite group and the outcome was unfortunate but very necessary. You see, it would be said that we have plunged into complete lawlessness and disorder if the military can simply be challenged like that by any group, be it religious or otherwise.

Those Shiites are a budding terrorist group, and if not nipped in the bud will proliferate into another Boko Haram and spread to other parts of the North. First they start with sticks, knives and cutlasses, then they get guns, and before you know it they have bombs, launchers and APCs.

Anyone who is discerning enough to observe the plight of the masses will quickly find that they are a ready instrument, disposed to the whims and caprices of any person with either financial or oratorical and rhetorical charisma. Sell them the idea of ‘power and control’ (in the Shiites case), or ‘freedom’ (in the biafran case), or money (in the election thuggery cases)…etc and they will walk a mile for you without even considering the logic or repercussions of such blindfolded followership. Why can’t they fathom that power and control are a function of inherent abilities judiciously discharged, or that freedom is a function of the mind, or that any financial incentive given for a task will never be enough to give them a choice in life?! They inadvertently become the proverbial flies that are so fixated on the stench of a dead body that they willfully escort it into the grave.

These people cannot be saved by education; at least not by our system of education that is averse to contemplation, mental cognition and self-actualization. They can’t be helped because from birth, both informally and formally they have been indoctrinated by religion, by tradition, by tribalism and nepotism, and by every warped doctrine that sways askew of moral persuasions. This imbued mentality overrides their academic and cognitive leanings, making them zombie-like creatures, disposed to, and at the mercy of those who understand their primitive disposition and attendant gullibility. These are the instruments of society; a most functional part of its working ideology.

But contrary to popular opinion, our leaders aren’t really the problem. These (their) instruments, without which the leaders may never come to power are the real problem for they are the executors of vested hatchings, doing without considering, all that is asked of them, with so much misplaced loyalty that would make dogs envious. This is the general inclination of the Nigerian masses. So if we truly intend to move forward as a people, the pertinent question becomes “how do we initiate a paradigm shift that will reverse the mass indoctrination of a people to an individualistic mindset capable of full, unimpaired and unadulterated cognition?”

Expressions/Impressions: In View…

All I have are my words
I have nothing if they mean nothing
My best earthly moments
Are those that fail me
For if I lose, I learn
If I win, I earn

An epitome of imperfection
I float through moments
My expressions I own
Cos they speak through my soul


Tainted, yet without guilt
There remains a penitent spirit
Well beneath all the filth
Instrumentally satisfying; incomplete without lyrics


R.I.P. Robin Williams: A Sad End for Greatness

I heard a joke once:

Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Says life is harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world. Doctor says, “Treatment is simple. The great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. Says, “But doctor… I am Pagliacci.”

Good joke. But not today.

The man Robin Williams was a really great talent; as an actor and as a stand-up comedian. This career was indeed a successful one. This is why news of his death will be a shocker to many…because we tend to believe that great people (especially the ones that entertain us)  don’t die until they actually do, more so we are held in wonder as to the way he was said to have died – suicide.

The truth is we get so wrapped up in the fantasy of people’s media successes that its hard to tell if the same success hasn’t been duplicated in their private lives. Some don’t even care to think that such celebrities have a private life as such thoughts struggle with the fantastic reality which we have built up for them and invariably we expect for ourselves should we reach that ‘summit’.

Fame is akin to an plaque award: you raise it up in the air and the audience cheers, but once you drop the prize on the shelf of achievements you step back to being the same person that you were before the cheers.

We must therefore learn to understand the difference; that between us and the ‘famous’ there is no difference that spans beyond lifestyle – we are all people living our lives and struggling with one thing or another. Famous people need the same kind of love, care, attention and affection as we do. They are not above us, its their achievements that is above us (which is why its visible to almost everyone)…they are with us, living on the same plane of existence.

Don’t let the media distort your view of reality…see correctly.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams. The industry will certainly feel a sense of loss at your demise.